Aug 27, 2012

Pride and Joy

Last weekend we decided to take part to the Prague Pride parade.
I love this kind of event, especially cause where I come from (the supposed to be modern west Europe) people are often too mind closed to support gay communities. In my opinion as long as there is love, music and colours every occasion is good to celebrate!

I went with my flatmate and one of her friend, so I thought it would have been nice to have a proper sparkling outfit. I borrowed some sequins and feathers accessories from work, unfortunately it was way to hot for a complete outfit that day, so we went just for the headpiece.

Aug 18, 2012

Sunset Borderline

Back to my bad habits:
I probably spend way too much time looking out of the window... But well, with a view like this who can blame me?!? ;)

Aug 9, 2012

3,5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds

So today I've been left alone in the photo studio for few hours with tripod and Reflex... Hahahahaha! (read it as an evil lough) I couldn't help myself of trying to take some pictures!

The quality of course is quite awful, I didn't have any remote control so it wasn't easy to convince the camera on focusing on the right spot, but I had fun :)

Aug 3, 2012

Sunny Afternoon

Last friday afternoon in Telč, just after setting fitting rooms for the costumes, we had a little time to enjoy the castle, the good weather and of course the huge ammount of costumes and accessories we brought from our Fundus.

Jul 30, 2012

The Last Wall of the Castle

Good evening happy people!
Can't believe July is already over, this month has been incredibly hectic! I barely had time to sleep and more than once my flatmates phoned me worried to know where the hell I was since they didn't see me for days...
Anyway this last weekend I've been working in Telč castle

Jul 11, 2012

Rock me Amadeus

Hello happy people!
It's been way too long since last time I wrote something, I'm sorry!
The thing is that in the past month I didn't have enough time to sit, edit pictures and write something... Actually I didn't have the time for anything!
With Barrandov Studios we're organizing lots of events and exhibitions all around Czech Republic so I spent my weekends travelling and working... Absolutely I'm not complaining, but let's say that is nice to have a day off every once in a while ;)

So first of all the best experience ever was at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!

May 24, 2012

Start Wearing Purple

Weather in Prague seems really freak! Just before Easter the temperature rised up to 25°, than back to 9°, up again 3 weeks ago to 30°, than 9° and now it seems summer is really on its way! This really confused me about the managing of my closet! I just have one wardrobe, so I can't keep all the seasons together, the stuff I'm not using stays under the bed... But at this point I really don't know what to do, I have half winter and half summer clothing bith in the wardrobe and under the bed!
Anyway, this is what I was wearing during one of the cold days, hopefully it will be the last wintry outfit ;)

May 6, 2012

She came in trough the bathroom window

I started living by myself almost 7 years ago. At first of course it was just a big mess, junk food, no ironing, random sleep... Well, let's say that it was funny, but after a while I spontaneously calmed down and changed approach.
Now I'm still messy and ironless (I swear I have nothing to do with that, there's no iron board in the flat and it's not so operative to iron on the kitchen table...) but i slowly started having my own little habits that always make my day.
Some of them are probably common to many other people, some other not and I had lot of laughing moments with my (several!!!) flatmates about them!

Price Tag

Ah, what a nice surprising spring I'm experiencing here in Prague! Who knew this place was going to be so warm, sunny and friendly?!?
There are also so many bank holidays more than Italy! The last one (on the 1st of March) I had the brilliant idea to rent a longboard and try it... Well, let's say that I loved it even if I almost broke my left elbow in the firsts 500mt... So for this weekendand (and the next bank holiday on the 8th) better focus on something less temerarious.
If you remember last time I wrote something it was about Code:Mode and its Czech designers exposition, so there is a big chance that I'm going to spend this weekend going in the city centre looking for the brands I loved the most!
I made a little list of them, you'll also find the link to their websites :)

Apr 22, 2012

Post Modern Girls

I've been quite shy lately about how to start this new blog, I didn't know what to write, probably because I'm trying to talk about so many things that I can't decide where to start!
Luckily last week I was browsing in this super useful website for foreign people living in Czech Republic and I stumbled upon an interesting event.
Code:Mode is a kind of showroom/market where selected designer from Czech and Slovak Republics are gathered to exhibit their creations and products for a long week end.

Mar 11, 2012

New + Improved

Maidens and brats, hello!

Me in Prague, where I'm living at the moment
How is it going?
It's been a long time since last time I wrote a blog post... For those ones who don't know I used to have another blog, almost one year ago, then so many things happened and I let it go. But I admit I've been missing blogging, it was a nice hobby for me, so here I am again!
I decided to make a new one 'cause I'd like this one to be something different, nothing (or almost nothing) to do with the last one. Te design here is still temporary, I don't have a personal web designer anymore, so I'm kinda going crazy trying to build something nice by myself...
What are you going to read here? Well, in this year I've been travelling a lot, so basically I'd like to talk about my experience about travelling alone, moving abroad and finding my way in Europe, but also tips and advices about the cities I lived in, probably some outfits post (can't help, fashion is still one of my biggest passions!), drawings, movies, music, shows and costumes!
Hope you'll like it!

Talk to you as soon as internet is back working properly (what a great start, isn't it?!?)

In the meantime, enjoy life!