Who I am

I'm a frivolous girl in my middle twenties.

I graduated in Costume Design in Florence on March 2011 and since then I moved around Europe trying to find something that could make me feel home. I have many passions in my life and few months ago I made a little list of things I couldnt' live without:

  1. Music, I listen to music almost 24/7, every kind of music, the important thing is that it has to be made with passion but it can be from Lady Gaga as well as from Lynyrd Skynyrd or Goran Bregovic.
  2. Colours, I'm always craving for colours every morning, I need coloured clothes, coloured walls, coloured food.
  3. Beauty, I'm not talking about any skin products or make-up, I'm talking about "the Beauty" of the world, Europe, cities, the sky, rivers, desolate lands, birds flying, wind in the hair, the taste of spices, hot showers, snow falling...
  4. Parfumes, I smell everything, everything has its own perfect aroma and I love it, like London's underground or Florence in spring time. I smell ingredients for cooking, I smell people to recognize them and places to remember.
  5. My job, or better, my dream job. One day I'll be an Art Director, a bitchy one probably, or a Costume Designer, or both of them... I never forget my plans and I hope that, working hard, one day they'll become real.
Having said that, I leave you with the frivolousness of this new thing, I hope you'll not misunderstand this presentation, but to meet my serious side you should at least invite me for a chat with a beer at the pub