Jun 24, 2013

Where do I begin

Good morning everyone!
In these past months I've been trying to sort my life out and basically decide what to do when I grow up ;)
After loads of job interview for boring office 9 to 6 jobs, decided it's maybe time to go freelance!

So found this space in a really interesting building, full of designer, artists and young entrepreneurs.
30 square meters to build my business! Basically I want to start making hats and hair accessory to sell online and in some of the markets there are around Prague and at the same time make costumes for anybody who needs one. But everytime I think about what to do I have plenty of new ideas! Can't wait to be ready to start!
Already brought there a lot of materials and tools, need tables now!
ps. Brought from Italy also my ice cream machine, can't wait to start making ice cream again!!!
While I'm still looking for furnitures I'm just arranging thigs my ususal messy way...

Hope you're having a great summer!
Talk to you soon

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