May 5, 2013

Work it out

Hello happy people!
Lately I've been struggling looking for a job, for the first time in my life I have nothing to do (except few czech lessons per week). I was feeling so pointless and tired that I was loosing my time watching TV series and hanging out with friends every night possible...
Than I realised this was deleterious for me! I was loosing focus on what I want to do in my life and also no need to mention the amount or money wasted on beers and junk food...

 So I put myself together, invested some good money on tools and materials and started making hats!
 The whole procedure takes some time, so it's kinda distracting and somehow relaxing.
Started with some simple black and white felt hats, decorated them with colourful wool to see how it's working.
 As you can see I'm working on the floor, but right now I'm looking for a little workspace that I can rent to put all my stuff and work there, maybe sharing it with some other artisan of Prague. So in case you live around here and you know about a place like that let me know!
 Soon I'm going to post the pics of these two hats finished, still have a couple of other winter felts than I can start with the summer ones!

Hope you're having a nice weekend
Talk you soon

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