Apr 6, 2013

Ain't no sunshine

I hate complaining about the weather, I almost never do it and if I do it it's just in august when the temperature is so high I'm worried I might sublimate...
But the point is: Prague in spring is awesome! So many things to do, events, cool open air bars and clubs, concerts and shows... So for the probably the first time in my life I'm saying "Spring? Where the f@ck are you?!?"
Leave you with some pics I took before easter, don't be fooled by the sunny weather, it was something like -5°

My bff came to visit me for a weekend and it was her first time in Prague. We decided to go for a proper sightseeing the first day. So here above the usual view from VyŇ°ehrad, this time without snow though.
In Old Town Square everything was nicely decorated for Easter celebration, so nice to see all those colours in town!
Market and decorations are still there, but they're not as cute with the gloomy sky we have lately...
Nice view from the super famous Charles Bridge. Didn't take any picture to the bridge cause it was so busy with tourists we almost gave up on walking on it...

Well, hope everything's going good on you're part of the world, with or without spring :)

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