Jun 24, 2013

Where do I begin

Good morning everyone!
In these past months I've been trying to sort my life out and basically decide what to do when I grow up ;)
After loads of job interview for boring office 9 to 6 jobs, decided it's maybe time to go freelance!

May 5, 2013

Work it out

Hello happy people!
Lately I've been struggling looking for a job, for the first time in my life I have nothing to do (except few czech lessons per week). I was feeling so pointless and tired that I was loosing my time watching TV series and hanging out with friends every night possible...
Than I realised this was deleterious for me! I was loosing focus on what I want to do in my life and also no need to mention the amount or money wasted on beers and junk food...

Apr 6, 2013

Ain't no sunshine

I hate complaining about the weather, I almost never do it and if I do it it's just in august when the temperature is so high I'm worried I might sublimate...
But the point is: Prague in spring is awesome! So many things to do, events, cool open air bars and clubs, concerts and shows... So for the probably the first time in my life I'm saying "Spring? Where the f@ck are you?!?"
Leave you with some pics I took before easter, don't be fooled by the sunny weather, it was something like -5°

Mar 6, 2013


Spring is on it's way, the sun is shining in Prague and the temperature is rising, can't wait for long walk by the river and picnics in the park now!

The most confusind thing, though, is that just one week ago we were in the middle of a crazy snow storm that lasted something like one week before finally covering everything with fluffy snow!

Jan 25, 2013


Hello happy people!
I know I've been away in the past months... But it's never to late to start blogging again ...especially in a gloomy day home with a bit of flu ;)

During the winter my friends and I, decided to start having weekends away, at least once a month. When you live in a beautiful place sometimes you forget that there are a lot more places that you can visit!
So last weekend we decided to give a look to Bratislava.