Mar 6, 2013


Spring is on it's way, the sun is shining in Prague and the temperature is rising, can't wait for long walk by the river and picnics in the park now!

The most confusind thing, though, is that just one week ago we were in the middle of a crazy snow storm that lasted something like one week before finally covering everything with fluffy snow!

Mom came to visit me, so on saturday morning we decided to have breakfast at the market, couldn't believe the market was there!

 I look a bit silly with sunglasses, but the wind was a little too annoying to walk around without them, frozen snowflakes in the eyes are not good...

 The first day we decided to have a look also in the most turistic and famous spots, also cause with all this snow the look of the city was completely different.
This above is Václavské náměstí or Wenceslas Square, such a complete different feeling from this summer when there was the Prague Pride
 A little glimpse of the Clock Tower in Old Town Square

 In some points of the city nobody bothered to take off the snow from the path, it was kind of hard to walk around this way!
 Magic view from my kitchen window
An interesting piece of Guerrilla Knitting, didn't know there was a group here in Prague :) If anybody has some infos about that please let me know
 On sunday the sun was shining so we had a nice walk to Vyšehrad. It became one of my favourite place, not only because it is truly beautifull, but also cause not so many tourists know about this place, so it's easier to enjoy the park

 The church of Vyšehrad is my preferred one. I think it is a lot more interesting than the usual Saint Vitus' Cathedral, the paintings and decorations in the inside are stunning! I'll show you some pics one day ;)

 My new snow family
The view from Vyšehrad is always worth the walk especially on a clear/sunny day

Probably now it's about time to leave winter days behind, have a lot of new projects and ideas I can't wait to put in action!

Have a good week happy people
Talk to you soon!

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