Mar 30, 2013

Red Dust

In these days I've been pretty sick taking antibiotics and painkillers, it was horrible, but I'm finally fine :)
On my hair you can see just the result of a grocery shopping under the influence of painkillers, after I decided to stop taking them, I'm not in so much pain...
I just wanted to buy bleach to renew my MidnightBlue, but somehow I completely ignored the red dot saying "Hot Ruby" (in czech of course, in my mind I just thought there is written no "cerveny" anywhere!)
I kind of like it, but it has become a little problem to dress, since I almost don't own anything in any warm colour, and with my matching obsession can be a little tricky!
 Little of desperation just after I washed out the product, than I though it can just be a new challenge (always stay positive!)

 Glasses: Six
Necklace: Handmade
Cardigan: Pull&Bear
Belt: Vintage
Jeans: Pull&Bear

I guess I'll jut wait till it fades and than I'll try the Midnight Blue again, even if probably it's going to tourn out purple (a friend of mine studying chemistry told me they can even turn orange after that!!!)

Wish you the best weekend, whether or not you're celebrating Easter :)

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