Mar 11, 2012

New + Improved

Maidens and brats, hello!

Me in Prague, where I'm living at the moment
How is it going?
It's been a long time since last time I wrote a blog post... For those ones who don't know I used to have another blog, almost one year ago, then so many things happened and I let it go. But I admit I've been missing blogging, it was a nice hobby for me, so here I am again!
I decided to make a new one 'cause I'd like this one to be something different, nothing (or almost nothing) to do with the last one. Te design here is still temporary, I don't have a personal web designer anymore, so I'm kinda going crazy trying to build something nice by myself...
What are you going to read here? Well, in this year I've been travelling a lot, so basically I'd like to talk about my experience about travelling alone, moving abroad and finding my way in Europe, but also tips and advices about the cities I lived in, probably some outfits post (can't help, fashion is still one of my biggest passions!), drawings, movies, music, shows and costumes!
Hope you'll like it!

Talk to you as soon as internet is back working properly (what a great start, isn't it?!?)

In the meantime, enjoy life!