May 24, 2012

Start Wearing Purple

Weather in Prague seems really freak! Just before Easter the temperature rised up to 25°, than back to 9°, up again 3 weeks ago to 30°, than 9° and now it seems summer is really on its way! This really confused me about the managing of my closet! I just have one wardrobe, so I can't keep all the seasons together, the stuff I'm not using stays under the bed... But at this point I really don't know what to do, I have half winter and half summer clothing bith in the wardrobe and under the bed!
Anyway, this is what I was wearing during one of the cold days, hopefully it will be the last wintry outfit ;)

May 6, 2012

She came in trough the bathroom window

I started living by myself almost 7 years ago. At first of course it was just a big mess, junk food, no ironing, random sleep... Well, let's say that it was funny, but after a while I spontaneously calmed down and changed approach.
Now I'm still messy and ironless (I swear I have nothing to do with that, there's no iron board in the flat and it's not so operative to iron on the kitchen table...) but i slowly started having my own little habits that always make my day.
Some of them are probably common to many other people, some other not and I had lot of laughing moments with my (several!!!) flatmates about them!

Price Tag

Ah, what a nice surprising spring I'm experiencing here in Prague! Who knew this place was going to be so warm, sunny and friendly?!?
There are also so many bank holidays more than Italy! The last one (on the 1st of March) I had the brilliant idea to rent a longboard and try it... Well, let's say that I loved it even if I almost broke my left elbow in the firsts 500mt... So for this weekendand (and the next bank holiday on the 8th) better focus on something less temerarious.
If you remember last time I wrote something it was about Code:Mode and its Czech designers exposition, so there is a big chance that I'm going to spend this weekend going in the city centre looking for the brands I loved the most!
I made a little list of them, you'll also find the link to their websites :)