May 6, 2012

She came in trough the bathroom window

I started living by myself almost 7 years ago. At first of course it was just a big mess, junk food, no ironing, random sleep... Well, let's say that it was funny, but after a while I spontaneously calmed down and changed approach.
Now I'm still messy and ironless (I swear I have nothing to do with that, there's no iron board in the flat and it's not so operative to iron on the kitchen table...) but i slowly started having my own little habits that always make my day.
Some of them are probably common to many other people, some other not and I had lot of laughing moments with my (several!!!) flatmates about them!

So here we are with the first one:
After having a shower I love to rest in bathrobe and tower untill my feet are freezing.
Don't care too much about what I have to do, I can cook, study, watching TV, tidy up... everything is fine untill I start sneezing!
I find my routine, made of little things, really important, at least for me! It makes me feel home and when you're travelling so much and changing house/city/country every 6 months I think sticking to something that makes you feel so good it can be helpful not to get into what they call "expat blues".

So this was my first one, stay in touch with some more expat life,
in the meantime, enjoy life!

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