May 24, 2012

Start Wearing Purple

Weather in Prague seems really freak! Just before Easter the temperature rised up to 25°, than back to 9°, up again 3 weeks ago to 30°, than 9° and now it seems summer is really on its way! This really confused me about the managing of my closet! I just have one wardrobe, so I can't keep all the seasons together, the stuff I'm not using stays under the bed... But at this point I really don't know what to do, I have half winter and half summer clothing bith in the wardrobe and under the bed!
Anyway, this is what I was wearing during one of the cold days, hopefully it will be the last wintry outfit ;)

I've never been really a 90's child, but this ensemble was just too cozy to give up for a more vintage look.

Usually I don't wear t-shirts, I prefere shirts or pretty blouses, but how can you resist to the charm of Clark Gable?!?

Hat: Karstadt
Wool Cardi: Trifted
T-shirt: Zara (at least 6 years ago)
Tank Top: H&M
Knit Skirt: Zara
Penny Loafers: Paoli
Bracelets: Random ethnic shop
Time to get out this room and find a nice spot in the sun with rosè wine (each day my taste becomes more and more british!)
Talk to you soon, in the meantime enjoy life!


  1. ehiii! ti eri già guadagnata una lettrice affezionata, perché non scrivi più?? protesto, io!

    1. BusyBusyBusy! Ma sapendo che qualcuno sta aspettando magari mi ci impegno un po´ di piú ;)

    2. Eh io ti aspetto allora, tanto ti ho piazzata su bloglovin e ti tengo d'occhio!