Jul 11, 2012

Rock me Amadeus

Hello happy people!
It's been way too long since last time I wrote something, I'm sorry!
The thing is that in the past month I didn't have enough time to sit, edit pictures and write something... Actually I didn't have the time for anything!
With Barrandov Studios we're organizing lots of events and exhibitions all around Czech Republic so I spent my weekends travelling and working... Absolutely I'm not complaining, but let's say that is nice to have a day off every once in a while ;)

So first of all the best experience ever was at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!

We were set in Becherova Vila with our collection of costumes from the movie Amadeus. The movie has been shot partially in Barrandov and the czech costume designer Theodor Pištěk won an Oscar for them!

It was a funny experience, I spend days ironing silk flowers, decorating wigs and dressing mannequins in this magical baroque atmosphere, I felt like I was in some sort of fairy tale!

There was also a little "tailor corner" as example of laboratory, with sewing machine fabrics and trimmings.

Than, the day of the festival opening, we had a great garden party with a cerimony to celebrate some foreign productions that at the moment are working here.
The whole Barrandov crew was dressed up with baroque and rococò costumes!

We started preparing in the early morning, we spent some hours in the garden gently walking, saluting and politely chatting and than we walked downtown to promote the event!

Little stop at the thermal bath

Red carpet moment! Great, one day I'll arrive there on my limo to receive my prize, for now I'm just happy I was in the crowd!

Finally my costume! You can't understand how tired I was! We spent the whole day in corsets, crinolines and a ton of make up with something like 30° in the sun!
In any case I was super happy! I loved my dress! Blue and yellow are not only the colours of Barrandov but also my hometown (Verona)!

Complete outfit pic to send mom!

Well readers I hope you're enjoying these summer days as much as me :) I don't know why but I'm already feeling like summer is almost over so I have to take advantage of warm days as much as possible!

Hope to talk to you soon
In the meantime enjoy life!


  1. Oh porcacc'. Ma sei di Verona? Non l'avevo capito, io pure! Tra parentesi, giusto per la cronaca, ho trovato il tuo blog cercando informazioni su una tua omonima che mi ha fatto un colloquio di lavoro un mesetto fa. E non mi hanno presa. Sicché niente, ora me ne vo a Brno per un mese per un corso intensivo di ceco, così magari è la volta che non so, magari alla tenera età di quasi trent'anni la imparo, la lingua della mia mamma.

    1. Hahaha! Com'è piccolo il mondo! :P
      Beh, allora in bocca al lupo! E se ti capita di fare un salto a Praga mentre sei in CZ fammi sapere che magari "pijeme pivo nebo kavu" ;)

  2. Senz'altro! In ogni caso sono a Praga almeno tre volte all'anno, sicché non mancherà un'occasione. :)

  3. hi, in response to your comment, im going back for law school, because, as you prob know, a law degree is an undergrad degree in europe, and i don't really want to do that all over again. but i fully intend to settle in europe or the uk once i'm done - i have residence already so it's not as daunting of a process as it was before.

    can i ask - are you an american? what are you doing here? its so funny to find another american who lived in italy and is now in prague. if i had known i would have contacted you sooner! how i miss italy... :]

    1. Haha, I'm not american, I'm italian! :) Lately I've been travelling a lot and I cannot think about living in any other place out of Europe :)
      I was really appreciating your thoughts, cause it seems that nowadays too many people are justifying the possession and use of guns and I find it quite worrying!
      It's nice to see that there are still people that think that this is not a good sign :)
      What brought you here?