Jul 30, 2012

The Last Wall of the Castle

Good evening happy people!
Can't believe July is already over, this month has been incredibly hectic! I barely had time to sleep and more than once my flatmates phoned me worried to know where the hell I was since they didn't see me for days...
Anyway this last weekend I've been working in Telč castle

It wasn't the first time we were there, few months ago we spent few days in the same castle to organize an exhibition of costumes from the czech movie "Z pekla štěstí"

The exhibition will last untill the end of october, so if it happens to you to pass by it might be worth a look. The costumes are pretty interesting even if you don't know the movie, the castle is charming and really well maintained and the city is small but quite lovely!

This time we were there with a ton of nice costumes for people to try

It is a kind of hard job, especially when you think that for the whole time we were there the temperature was around 30° celsius, corsets and crinolines are not good friends for sweaty people...

Luckly my boss has a really good cathering talent so, since in our Fundus department we have also props and furnitures, she well thought of bringing some fancy stuff for our breaks. We had a couple of tables sumptuosly laid with decorated chinaware, silver cutlery, crystal glasses and load of nice looking (but yummy too!) food!

Tea time!

That's all for now, I'll be back in few days (hopefully...) with some more pics :)

Have a lovely week and enjoy life!

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