Aug 3, 2012

Sunny Afternoon

Last friday afternoon in Telč, just after setting fitting rooms for the costumes, we had a little time to enjoy the castle, the good weather and of course the huge ammount of costumes and accessories we brought from our Fundus.

I opted for this bustle dress from the 70's of the XIX century. I loved the colours and I was sure it was the right size for me (and it was the only one with coordinated headpiece!)

Not really satisfied of the accessories, that necklace was quite cheap looking and I wish I had the time to do my hair better, find some gloves and a corset too...

Unfortunately we didn't all opted for the same century, so it was like a kind of time travel, late XIX century together with some kind of medieval gown, I almost felt like I was a couple of centuries younger than her!

I had some funny time discussing with my umbrella, it was a little crazy!

Finally I had a companion with my same style!

With my partner in crime like some western ladies in romances!

It was great fun, but I'm glad this weekend I'll stay in Prague, at least I'll sleep on sunday morning!

Wish you a great weekend, talk to you soon :)
Enjoy life!

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