Aug 27, 2012

Pride and Joy

Last weekend we decided to take part to the Prague Pride parade.
I love this kind of event, especially cause where I come from (the supposed to be modern west Europe) people are often too mind closed to support gay communities. In my opinion as long as there is love, music and colours every occasion is good to celebrate!

I went with my flatmate and one of her friend, so I thought it would have been nice to have a proper sparkling outfit. I borrowed some sequins and feathers accessories from work, unfortunately it was way to hot for a complete outfit that day, so we went just for the headpiece.

The parade started in Wenceslas square. The square itself is already quite beautiful, but all these colours made it stunning!

Realized she was wearing those amazing shoes only in the evening sorting out the pics, otherwise I would have stopped her to ask where are they from!

There were people from all over Europe, everybody bringing his own style, like these two alpine guys.

Love this photo, it´s my absolute favourite! He's so cheerful!

Such a sweet double t-shirt, they had to be really in love to bear the heat of that afternoon inside that!

The parade ended on Střelecký Island, where on two different stages, acoustic and dance music were played.

Gagalicious paws up!

 It was definitively one of the best event I participated, nice people, warm atmosphere, colours, music, friends! Don´t want to leave Prague anymore!!!

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