Jan 25, 2013


Hello happy people!
I know I've been away in the past months... But it's never to late to start blogging again ...especially in a gloomy day home with a bit of flu ;)

During the winter my friends and I, decided to start having weekends away, at least once a month. When you live in a beautiful place sometimes you forget that there are a lot more places that you can visit!
So last weekend we decided to give a look to Bratislava.

Since the bus ride from Prague is taking more than 4 hours we decided to oversleep there. We found this really nice and cozy hostel named Hostel Blues. Didn't see the website before now, the place is actually a lot nicer than how it looks on the pictures they uploaded... The rooms are really nicely decorated, and the common areas are clean, warm and stylish.
Our first proper contact with slovakians was not the best one... We had some recomendations about cafè St. Germain so we went there to warm up our freezing bones after a walk in the small city centre. The place itself is pretty nice! Lot of books around, really good food, vintage decorations and furnitures. The servince instead was little disappointing... Waitresses were a bit rude, couldn't speak good english and we had the horrible feeling to be not so welcome there. I just hope it's not always like that and we've been unlucky to arrive on a bad day. If it happens to you to go there et me know your experience!
One of the most famous spot of the city is the Blue Church (Modrý Kostolik). That was magical! Unfortunately it wasn't possible to enter, but even just looking at this strange blue building was awesome!
The Donau of course is always one of the most fascinating river!
One big problem we had was the incredible ammount of snow there was everywhere. We were constantly walking in this slushy dirty substance, trying to avoid cars sliding and splashes from trams... I didn't really understand why nobody thought about cleaning the streets! I don't think snow is such an unusual phenomenon in this part of Europe...
Luckily after few hours trudging in the snow we found cafe Shtoor to sit and relax :) Completely another experience compared to the other cafè mentioned above. Nice environment, lots of students (also foreign, that means english speaking staff), really good food and drinks (the home made traditional lemonade was delicious!) comfy sofas and free wi-fi (lately it seems we cannot survive without it!)
Finally we had a walk in the old town. As you can see the snow was covering everything here too, but at least it wasn't melted so it was easier to stay dry ;)
After a walk in the centre we climbed the hill to reach the Castle. In each floor there were different exhibitions, some of them were classical paintings and prints (Bratislava once had the name of Pressburg hence the big collection of prints rapresenting the city) and some others were more contemporary, from pictures of the life in Slovakia to contemporary artists.
Then the view from the tower of course was worth the steep stairs ;)

At the end of the weekend I was pleased to have been there, even if I'm not sure I would go back, at least not in winter, they say in spring the city is a lot nicer :)

Wish you all a nice weekend and (hopefully) talk to you soon!

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