Apr 22, 2012

Post Modern Girls

I've been quite shy lately about how to start this new blog, I didn't know what to write, probably because I'm trying to talk about so many things that I can't decide where to start!
Luckily last week I was browsing in this super useful website for foreign people living in Czech Republic and I stumbled upon an interesting event.
Code:Mode is a kind of showroom/market where selected designer from Czech and Slovak Republics are gathered to exhibit their creations and products for a long week end.

The event took place in an old liberty palace, few tram stops outside the touristic centre of Prague, a decadent but suggestive location, where to breathe the innovation of young people together with the sad signs of the recent history and the most ancient bohemian splendor.

I loved how they decided to decorate the entire building, there was something slightly naive on putting coloured lights and fake flowers in every corner that made you feel like home

On the other side there were also some serious art installations in the basement that boosted the alternative artistic feeling of the event

I tried to collect as much visit cards as possible, just to have names and adresses of all those stunning designs, so maybe one day I can go visit some of them without all that overcrowding...

Since I left my job in Scotland I had to change my economic habits, so no more silly shopping but saving for rent and food... Anyway I couldn't resit buying these little cuties from Maliska, these earrings are made with recicled porcelain, so every design is original, unique but not expensive at all!

For just 70CZK (2,80€) you could partecipate in each of the 4 days of the event, the yellow bracelet up here allowed you to get in whenever you wanted (also a pretty cool colour!)

I'll be back in few days with the other pictures I took, in the meantime enjoy life!

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